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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

tagged...tagged...tagged ^_^

3 names in your messages inbox
inbox mne?..enset> hanim, atong, totoi
fb> hanim, hanim, hanim
Your main ringtone
lagu nokia suda...watpe pki lagu pnjg2...bkn dgr smpi abis pon..haha
What u did at 12 last night?
ber"FB" dgn si dia..haha
Who was the last person you went out with?where?
agak rmi...ngn dak2 skola lama..kitowg pi samura amik sijil spm (17 mei 2010)
The colour of T-shirt you're wearing now?
The last thing U did?
klu sblum tido ak tutup lampu la..haha
3 of your everyday favourite items?
laptop, PS2 ,handphone
The colour of your bedroom?
How much money in your wallet now?
How's life?
kdg2 ok, kdg2 x ok..huhu
your favourite song?
negaraku kowt...wakaka
what will u do in next weekend?
bgn tdo>mandi>on9>makan>on9>mandi>on9>tdo
When was the last time u see ur mum?
tadi ptg sblom mak blk kg
where is she now?
kt kg
who is the last person talking to u last night?
my mum (sruh tutup lampu dapur)
the last suprise u got?
hari2 ade surprise..haha
last thing u borrowed from ur friend?
pinjam duit kowt...tp da 2 bln yg lps..hehe
who is your gf/wife?
what did u fell right now?
teruja nk wat bnda ni
wanna share with who?
brsama org trsayang la...haha
who knows your secret?
Allah s.w.t..:)
He keeps your secret?
yap:) only he knows everything..
are u angry with someone?
ade tp biar je la diowg...mls nk pk..haha
what do u order at McD?
ayam goreng McD, quarter pounder..haha..rsa lapa plk ak..adehhhh
the last time u feel sad?
ketika dia mempermainkn perasaanku
I'm passing this to?:
sape nk amik bnda ni, amik la...ak mls nk cri spe..haha

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